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New & Used Acoustic and Digital Pianos

new and used piano

Boyd Piano offers new and pre-owned premium pianos in both acoustic and digital from all over the world in many styles.  Our extensive network allows us to find the perfect piano for every customer.  In addition, our low overhead ensures that our customers receive a value that larger companies just can't offer.  For even more value we include FREE LOCAL DELIVERY in the Tulsa Metro Area.

Piano Tuning / Piano Repair

Piano repair and service and tuning

A piano that is maintained regularly by a professional piano technician is an unending source of enjoyment, fulfillment, and inspiration. Such a piano sounds beautiful every time you sit down to play because it is in tune and has been voiced to produce a pleasing tone. Not only does it sound good to your ears; it feels good to your fingers and hands because the action has been adjusted for a pleasant, even touch, causing the piano to respond quickly and easily to your every nuance of touch.

We specialize in high level on-site service of acoustic piano in Tulsa, including grand pianos of every size, full-size uprights, studio uprights, consoles, and spinets. We service piano in Bartlesville of nearly every make and model, including Baldwin, Bechstein, Bluthner, Boston, Estonia, Hailun, Kawai, Kimball, Mason & Hamlin, Pearl River, Petrof, Samick, Schafer & Sons, Steinway & Sons, Wurlitzer, Yamaha, Young Chang, and many others. We serve hundreds of satisfied clients in private homes, churches, universities and schools throughout Northeastern Oklahoma.

Piano Movers

Professional  Piano moving

Boyd Piano has been specializing in safe and cost efficient commercial, private, institutional piano transport, retail piano home delivery and piano storage for our customers for more than a 50 years.

Let us help you in preserving the integrity of your fine instrument with our professional expertise.

Did you know that a spinet piano weighs between 300 and 500 pounds; a grand piano varies between 500 and 1300 pounds?

Not only are pianos very heavy -- although solidly built, they are at the same time, complex and very fragile. A standard piano has more than 200 strings, pulled tight across a metal bridge with the combined tension of 40,000 pounds. The piano action itself has over 1,000 moving parts.

So, the task of moving a piano is not just a matter of weight. The asymmetric shape, the fragility of the outer cabinet and inner mechanics, the uneven distribution of parts -- all this and more demands not only proper equipment, but also an understanding of the unique dynamics of balance and inertia that pianos pose.

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