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Mason & Hamlin: Built in 1984 - Model BB 7' Grand Piano - $19,500.00


The Mason & Hamlin Model BB redefines what a 7-ft piano should be, with power and sonority usually reserved for concert grands.

A piano acclaimed for its even touch, consistent action and well-balanced tone, the Model BB is designed for spacious homes, conservatories, professional studios, auditoriums and halls.  The piano is legendary for its concert grand characteristics, including a robust, resonant bass, rich and warm tenor and a treble with a singing tone, bell-like in its clarity.

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Chickering Model 123: Built in 1907 - 6' 4" Grand Piano - $3,900.00


As one of the most popular piano brands of the 19th century, Chickering & Sons was well known for the quality of their instruments and several key advancements to grand piano technology. Most notably, Jonas Chickering added a single, cast iron plate to the piano, which is now standard on all pianos today.  This iron frame helped support higher string tensions for grand pianos. 

Additionally, Chickering was credited with inventing a new string deflection technique that stacked strings over one another for space saving in square pianos. For these advancements, Chickering & Sons was given many awards, including the Imperial Cross of the Legion of Honor in 1867, by Emperor Napoleon III for their contribution to music.

Chickering pianos were the preferred concert piano of its time until Steinway’s rise to prominence in the early 1900s. As a means to promote their craftsmanship and piano quality, Chickering owned and operated a concert hall both in Boston and in New York city. In fact, Abraham Lincoln even brought several Chickering pianos into the White House to be played by the first family.  Locally owned by a Music Professor with over $8,000 in upgrades

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Wurlitzer Studio Piano - $950.00


Wurlitzer Pianos is one of the oldest names in the piano  manufacturing industry in the United States. The quality of their pianos  can be lined up with the best names in the realm of piano manufacturing and design. 

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Kawai Console Piano - $850

kawai console piano

For over 90 years, Kawai Musical Instruments has been the architect of the modern piano, boldly pioneering the use of state-of-the-art materials and ideas to advance the piano art form. While our decades of experience and tradition have enabled the creation of remarkable touch and tone for today, it is our celebrated technology that powerfully preserves and sustains that outstanding touch and tone for tomorrow. This innovative spirit is the essence of Kawai and the principal reason why we remain a generation ahead in providing exceptional performance that endures.

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Yamaha P202 Studio Piano - $1,500

Yamaha p202 studio piano

One of Yamaha's best-selling studio piano models. 45" tall with easy-to-roll wheels and leg supports. A wonderful choice for an institution or church on a budget.

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Cable "Imperial" Console Piano - $850


The Cable Piano Company was widely celebrated as a maker of fine instruments, and they were a major contributor to the American piano industry at large. Cable built a number of brand names including Imperial. Today, Cable made pianos are among some of the finest antique pianos we see come through our shop

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Ridgewood 5' Baby Grand - $4,200.00


This Ridgewood baby grand piano is everything you could want in an affordable instrument!  The polished ebony cabinet is in excellent shape, it doesn’t take up too much room, so fitting it into your home will be a breeze!  Also included with a factory de-humidifier.

A few minutes at the keys will convince you this piano isn’t just for looks either.  For a 5' baby grand, it provides ample sound and plays great, too. For the price of a decent vertical piano, you can have your very own baby grand. 

Don't ponder on this piano too long. At this price and in this condition, this piano is a rare make sure you take advantage of this one before somebody else does!

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Yamaha P22 Studio Upright - $2,900.00


This is an American made Yamaha studio upright piano in very good condition. It is a solid instrument with a rugged design featuring 5 back posts. This is a piano that can withstand the rigors of institutional use, yet has an attractive cabinet for your home. 

This instrument features a solid spruce soundboard for rich tone. The casters roll very easily and the front legs are attached at the bottom which offers much better strength so moving the piano will not hurt the instrument. 

If you are looking for a good solid Yamaha upright piano that plays well and looks nice for a great price, this is definitely worth checking out.

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